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World Series 2001
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10/16/2001 10:31 PM ET
Boone: Winning is all that counts
While the Mariners are in the playoffs, second baseman and American League Most Valuable Player candidate Bret Boone will give baseball fans an up-close and personal account with his every-other-day diary. He will talk about the games and the events surrounding the playoffs, taking you through MLB's second season.

The good thing about playing on a good team is that you can have a bad series and still have a chance to keep playing. I had a bad series against the Indians but big deal. I haven't had too many bad series this year and it is going to happen. But we have such a great team, guys pick up one another and they sure picked me up.

The bottom line at this stage is winning. It's not how well you do individually, but how you do as a team. Sure you want to do as well as you can to help your team win, but the fact is, this team has played like a team all year and it came through when it had to.

My dad (Bob) is here for a couple of days and it's good to see him. I haven't seen him since the beginning of spring training. We'll have a couple of days to hang out and visit. We haven't really talked that much about baseball, although he gives me advice here. If I don't talk to him during the season, that usually is a good thing because it means I'm doing well. He just reassures me that I have done well before and so I know what I am doing.

As far as I'm concerned, one series is behind me and I have two more to get it going and swing like I've swung the ball all year. I have always done well in the postseason and this series I didn't, but all I can do is get ready and hopefully have two more series to play.

I have been getting mixed questions today. I am being asked how I feel, but nothing real negative. People have been pretty easy on me. It's not like I had a bad (regular) season and a bad (Division Series). There are a lot of questions about the (Division) Series, but I have to accept that.

The thing about this team is how close-knit every one is. After I struck out in the seventh inning (Monday), Jay (Buhner) came up to me and just told me, "Hey, you have been here for us all year and you're a big reason we are even here so don't get down on yourself." He told me I was going to come back and he just wanted to give me some kind words to pick me up when I needed it. Guys on this team do care. He knew I wanted to have a good series, but didn't. He saw me over there in the dugout, came over and told me that I hadn't had any adversity during the year, this is the first time and it is going to happen.

I look back at the great year this team has had and the great year I've had and this is the first time I really have had any adversity. I consider myself lucky to have gone this far into the season. If you would have told me before the season started that I would have one tough series this season, I would take that.

You can never take at-bats onto the field. That is one thing I have always done. You can't hit well every day because it's too tough. But the way I look at it, if I am not getting any hits, I don't want (the opponent) to get any hits. When you are not swinging the bat well, but are turning double plays and making the plays on defense, that's the way you can contribute on that particular day.

I am looking forward to this series. It is going to be a fun series. For me, it was a nice relief to get that series over and to win it. One great thing about baseball is that is always a tomorrow. My teammates enabled me to have to have a tomorrow.

Bret Boone is the starting second baseman for the Seattle Mariners.