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World Series 2001
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10/19/2001 01:41 AM ET
Cups o' Joe: Today's best and worst
By Jim Banks

ALCS. Game 2. The Mariners, winners of a record 116 games, vs. the three-time defending World Series champions. In honor of the host city, Seattle, and the Mariners, whose bats still haven't awakened, we again award Cups o' Joe to the standouts (and letdowns) of Game 2. Here goes:

One cup: Worse than the all-night pot at Seven-Eleven.
Two cups: You're at work, you need coffee, there's coffee.
Three cups: An outstanding, hot cup of your favorite java.
Four cups: Sweet as a Starbucks mocha Frappachino.
Five cups: Fult-tilt espresso, baby; make mine a double.


Scott Brosius
Came in hitting .050 this postseason and Torre said he was getting "jumpy." Didn't show it tonight, and delivered the first big hit in the second -- an RBI double to left to knock in Posada and Tino for a 2-0 lead. He then scored the decisive run when Cameron trapped the ball in center.

Mariano Rivera
You need five outs? Here's five outs. Save No. 23 in postseason; he's blown but one, and that was four years ago.

Mike Mussina
Clearly didn't have his "A" game but won anyway. Isn't that the sign of a great pitcher?

Chuck Knoblauch
Another good night for Knobby. Two-for-three, a walk and an RBI. Torre was right -- surprise! -- this lineup is much more dangerous when Knobby's making things happen at the top of the order.


Freddie Garcia
One bad inning -- and not on his part, he didn't get much help (see Cameron, below) -- cost him the game. Pitching on three days rest, he was a warrior the rest of the way and gave his team seven innings to make a run. They never did. Not his fault.

Lou Piniella
While Torre is gambling and winning, Lou is standing pat and losing. Ichiro's not running, they're not moving runners over, and they're not scoring runs. Lou's not panicking. He should be.

Mike Cameron
It would've been a tough catch, nobody's saying otherwise. But while you were soaring toward the dugout in an effort to get the call, Brosius was scoring the Yankees third run from second without so much as a throw. No big deal, it only was the difference in the game. Don't worry about it.