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World Series 2001
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10/19/2001 04:37 AM ET
Piniella's postgame press conference
The following is a transcript of Lou Piniella's postgame press conference, courtesy of ASAP Sports.

LOU PINIELLA: We're going to be back here to play Game 6, okay. I told the people outside the same thing. We are going to be back here to play Game 6. Now you can ask any questions you want.

Q. What gives you that confidence?

LOU PINIELLA: I've got confidence in my baseball club. We've gone to New York and beat this baseball team five out of six times and we're going to do it again.

Q. Could you talk a little bit about the problems that Knoblauch is giving you? He's getting on base it seems like almost every time at the plate.

LOU PINIELLA: He's been pesky in this series, but he's a pro. But they are all pros over there. He has not been playing all that much and all of a sudden he gets in the lineup here in the post-season and he's been getting the job done, to his credit.

Q. Did you feel there was some gamesmanship not bringing in Rivera right away?

LOU PINIELLA: This looks like this guy makes his own rules. Call the guy into the ballgame, you throw one pitch and you come in. You don't throw four or five more pitches. But that didn't cost us the ballgame. Just gave me something to argue about.

Q. Can you talk about Cameron's play?

LOU PINIELLA: Great play. Great play. He's been doing that all year.


Q. On the lowliner to Knoblauch?

LOU PINIELLA: You know, I could not tell if it was planned or not, but give the umpire credit. He was out in right centerfield where he should be, and I don't know if he made the right call or not, but he was in position to call it. And these guys have done a good job on this crew, so we've got no complaints.

Q. How surprised were you that Joe put the go-ahead run on with Suzuki?

LOU PINIELLA: Suzuki has hit over .400 with men in scoring position. I think that he made the right choice. Sometimes you've got to take chances, and he's been in these type of situations before and he's been victorious, so how can you question anything he does.

Q. Olerud and Boone, why do you think they just can't get doing going?

LOU PINIELLA: I wish we knew. I wish we knew. They have done it all year for us. But you know what, there's still time. We've got another five games to play.

Q. Your pitchers are not giving up many runs; you're just not scoring many. Is that the whole thing there? Are you satisfied with your pitchers?

LOU PINIELLA: Our pitchers are doing a good job. We've held this team to, what, seven runs in two ballgames, and that's pretty darned good. We just haven't put runs on the board. But, again, that can change. I've played on a championship team in New York -- or on a good ballclub in New York that won 103 games and we beat the Dodgers the first two ballgames, and they came back and beat us four in a row, so it can happen. You can start swinging the bat and get on a roll. It only takes one game.