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World Series 2001
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10/19/2001 04:37 AM ET
Brosius' postgame press conference
The following is a transcript of Scott Brosius' postgame press conference, courtesy of ASAP Sports.

Q. You had a tough post-season to the point of the at-bat against Garcia. Can you talk about what's going through your head, facing such a tough pitcher like that in that situation and how you are able to get the clutch hit of the game tonight?

SCOTT BROSIUS: My thought was to try to get a fastball if I can. He had good command of his offspeed today. He had a real good curveball and a changeup so I was just trying to think about getting something straight to hit. Just it was probably jumping in a little bit. I have not seen the replay, but it just ended up in a good spot down on the corner.

Q. Can you just talk about Knoblauch? There was an uncertainty about his role coming into the post-season.

SCOTT BROSIUS: He is vital to us. You look on the other side and the big difference in the Mariners this year has been Ichiro. Knoblauch is the same guy. Your offense goes as far as your lead-off guy did. He's been big getting on base, and like tonight, with the two-out hit getting the third run hit.

Q. A week ago you were flying to Oakland down 2-0 and now you are flying the other way up 2-0, talk about the feeling in the clubhouse.

SCOTT BROSIUS: I think, certainly, being on the heels of coming back from an 0-2 deficit we certainly know that this series is not over. Obviously, you could not ask for more, to come into the visiting park and come away with two wins. But it takes focus to win the series, but it's difficult a little bit more of, I guess, a positive flight, knowing that we can go back in with a Game 3 trying to take command of the series.


Q. So many of the Yankee players have performed so much better in the post-season than in the regular season over their careers, and you are another guy who has had a lot of good post-season moments. Could you talk about why you think that is for yourself and for your teammates?

SCOTT BROSIUS: I don't know. I think during the season, there maybe is a little bit of a different mind set. You are kind of playing over the long haul and when you struggle, you tend to have a tendency to know that you have some at-bats and you want to try to work through it. Not that you are really thinking about statistics, but you know there's numbers involved, but you get to the post-season and it's just kind of a 0-0, where every game, you take the mindset that every game is a must-win. It's real easy to gain a focus and a concentration when you feel like you are in a must-win game.

Q. You've been struggling a little bit the first few games and Joe said before the game that he thought that you were just jumping the first few games. Did you just feel more comfortable in that at-bat?

SCOTT BROSIUS: It's been getting a little bit better. Obviously, in the Oakland series, I didn't swing it that well, and didn't swing it that well going into the last week of the season. You know, who knows why. It's kind of a strange game. You can't always you wish you could come into the post-season clicking every time, but it doesn't always work that way and the at-bats have gotten better. I felt like tonight, even after the hit, I was giving myself a better chance. Freddy still made some great pitches and Nelson made some good pitches to get us out, but I thought the at-bats were getting better.

Q. Would you tell us what you were thinking standing on second after your double?

SCOTT BROSIUS: A little bit of , "Whew", It's been a long time since I ran the bases. I got on base in Oakland and that lasted three seconds and I got thrown out at second. So it was nice to be on base and feel like you did something offensively to contribute.