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World Series 2001
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10/22/2001 10:12 AM ET
No. 4 Trains: Game 4's best and worst
By Jim Banks

ALCS Game 4: The Mariners, fresh off big Game 3 victory, vs. the three-time defending and seemingly unbreakable World Series champions. In honor of the host city, New York, and its citizens' favorite way to get to fabled Yankee Stadium, we award No. 4 trains to the standouts (and letdowns) of Game 4. Here goes:

One train: It's 2 a.m., 90 degrees on the platform, the train just left.
Two trains: You meant to hop on the express, but jumped on the local. And it's packed.
Three trains: It's a full house, but the express is clicking.
Four trains: Open seats, clean car, air conditioning.
Five trains: Can't believe I'm getting my own car at rush hour. Am I dreaming?


Alfonso Soriano
Go ahead and trot, kid, this one actually went over the wall.

Bernie Williams
Like Emeril Lagasse, knows when to "kick it up a notch." Was scuffling along in postseason, then bam! ... two homers in two days.

Ramiro Mendoza, Mariano Rivera
These guys were almost perfect. If not for Boone's eighth-inning solo shot, they would have been. But as every kid knows -- almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, so they only get three trains.

Roger Clemens
Another gutty performance from Rocket, who was outstanding for as long as his hamstring would go.


Bret Boone
Thought he popped out, but it went out. Had the game-winner in back pocket until Rhodes paved road to Sasaki's gopherball to Soriano.

Arthur Rhodes
Lou, I think the Yankees have him figured out. See Game 2, ALCS, 2000 and Game 6, ALCS, 2000 for further evidence.

Kazuhiro Sasaki
I think Lou said, "get this one over," not "give him a gopher." Should've used Sprint PCS.