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World Series 2001
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10/22/2001 05:52 AM ET
Soriano's postgame press conference
The following is a transcript of Alfonso Soriano's postgame press conference, courtesy of ASAP Sports.

Q. How well did you learn Sasaki when you played in Japan with him a couple of years ago?

ALFONSO SORIANO (Through Leo Astacio): When I played there a couple of years ago, he played in the Major Leagues and I played in the Minor Leagues, but I was able to see him on TV and see that he was a great reliever, but the first time I faced him was here in the Major Leagues.

Q. You've had a little bit of -- you've made some mental errors earlier in the series, the jog in Seattle and a little late covering second base; does this sort of make up for it?

ALFONSO SORIANO (Through Leo Astacio): Those are the things that happen in the game, not running hard in Seattle and being a little late to cover the base yesterday. But I think I have a great path ahead of me, and I'm going to try to do a good job.


Q. Could you relive the moment for us a little bit, just take us through the at-bat, what you were looking for, what pitch you got and what went through your mind when you hit it and you were running around the bases?

ALFONSO SORIANO (Through Leo Astacio): When I was in the batter's box, first thing I thought was being that it was a new pitcher, I was going to take a pitch and try to time it and get comfortable with the second or third pitch. Once I saw the first pitch was a ball, I was looking for a fastball outside and just concentrating on connecting well with the ball and just go after it.

Q. What was the feeling like and what was going through your mind going around the bases after hitting it?

ALFONSO SORIANO (Through Leo Astacio): I was thinking that this was a very big moment. We had won the third game in the series, and as I was rounding the bases I was thinking about my family in the Dominican Republic who was watching the game, because they could not be here with me, but hoping they were watching it and enjoying it.

Q. Once you hit it over the fence, you must have felt what it was like to be a true hero at Yankee Stadium. What was it like to be a true hero at Yankee Stadium?

ALFONSO SORIANO (Through Leo Astacio): Something very big, as you've just mentioned, to be a hero in a game like this, which was a very big game. Where there were a lot of people watching it, not just here in the stands, but also at home on television and I think it's a very big moment and a very big time for me.