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World Series 2001
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10/22/2001 05:58 AM ET
Piniella's postgame press conference
The following is a transcript of Lou Piniella's postgame press conference, courtesy of ASAP Sports.

Q. One run meant so much in this game, when Boone hit the home run, you had the best bullpen in baseball, not that you think you had it sewn up, but did you think you were in good shape?

LOU PINIELLA: Well, there were no runs scored prior to that. We had two excellent short people in the ballgame. And give them credit. What can you say? They hit two home runs.

Q. Were you surprised to see Bernie's ball go out? Paul mentioned that it looked like a pop-up to him?

LOU PINIELLA: I tell you this, when you hit it out to right field here, especially when the wind is swirling, it carries. It's not all that deep out there. He hit it good enough, obviously.

Q. Can you talk about Paul Abbott's pitching performance?

LOU PINIELLA: He pitched very well. He gave us five real good innings of baseball. Actually he didn't give up any hits. But he threw 100 pitches and he had not been out there in a while. We had our bullpen basically set up the way we wanted, we just didn't hold the lead. They did an outstanding job.

Q. Being down 3-1 in the series, what is your mindset going into tomorrow's Game 5?

LOU PINIELLA: We've got to win. What else would my mindset be? (Laughter.) Got to win.


Q. When you see eight walks in four innings, I mean, did Abbott really not have his stuff to that degree or was the umpire's calls --

LOU PINIELLA: No, I don't have any problems with the umpires. He's thrown a lot of pitches in his starts, and about the 100 pitches he threw today in five innings is about what he's been throwing for his last four or five starts. He had good stuff. But you start walking people, those pitches start mounting up and they get you out of the ballgame a little quicker. But listen, he did his job; he gave us five innings and held the team. We just didn't hold them at the end. What can I say?

Q. I just want to get your thoughts on Soriano, the rookie coming through in a tough spot?

LOU PINIELLA: This young man has really improved as the year has gone forward. We noticed that, the improvement. He's got more discipline at the plate and he gives them a heck of a lot of speed there in the ninth spot and at the same time he's got some pop. He's gotten better and better as a player, I can tell you that.

Q. Before the game, you said that all wins, whether it was a big win or loss like yesterday, do you think all losses are the same?

LOU PINIELLA: Well, this puts us in a rather precarious position. Outside of that, we gave it the best we could. Gave us a good ballgame. Actually it was a great ballgame. We didn't lose; we just got beat. Give them credit. We had a lead there with one out in the eighth to tie it up, and then they win it in the ninth. Let's tip our hats to them. We'll come out and play hard tomorrow.