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World Series 2001
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10/22/2001 05:54 AM ET
Abbott's postgame press conference
The following is a transcript of Paul Abbott's postgame press conference, courtesy of ASAP Sports.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about the stuff that you had; they had no hits, but you had a lot of walks. Was the ball just moving exceptionally? Go into some detail, if you would on your stuff tonight.

PAUL ABBOTT: I really didn't have anything really working that I could really rely on. I just threw everything at them that I had, four pitches. Basically I didn't want to give into them and just give them something good to hit. Obviously, you saw late in the game, it didn't take much; those looked like pop-ups could get out of the ballpark so basically I didn't want to throw anything down the middle of the plate and if I walked them, I walked them. I just didn't give in at any time. I didn't feel overpowering, I didn't feel like I had a great curveball, slider, changeup; I just threw everything I could at them.

Q. What was the deal when Lampkin came out and you looked like you were not on the same wavelength; what was going on there?

PAUL ABBOTT: The situation, I think even if it's not my -- working like it should, my changeup is still my best pitch in. That situation, I basically just said, "Look, it's 2-2, I want to throw a changeup here and if I miss I want to throw another changeup. Let me go down throwing my best pitch." I just wanted to make sure that we were on the same page at that point; it's pretty much the whole game. It might have looked like more than what it was but that's what it was.

Q. Were you guys pitching with a small strike zone tonight?

PAUL ABBOTT: I wouldn't say it was small. It was -- at times -- it might have been small, at times it might have been big. Yeah, it was -- you know when you're not around the plate, too, it's hard for them, also, to be consistent.

Q. It would appear that you watched the rest of the game from the clubhouse after you left. Can you take us through your emotions, seeing Boone's ball go out and then the Yankees, unable to get a run across and then finally the home run?

PAUL ABBOTT: Well, in a game like that, when it's 0-0, you think that maybe the first team who scores is going to hang on to win a game. He just hit a home run, in that situation with our bullpen, the job that they have done all year, pretty much you leave that late in the game, you almost bank on it being a win. That was the break we got. Came through in a good situation. Then, you know, I felt pretty good at that time. But then even when Bernie hit his ball, I thought it was a pop-up, to be honest with you.

Q. Have you ever had a stint comparable to that, five innings, eight walks, no hits?

PAUL ABBOTT: Just when I was walking a high wire in Vegas one time. (Laughter.) It's not easy. You know, actually it was like eight walks in four innings, because the first inning was one, two, three. No. Maybe in A-Ball or maybe my senior year in high school, but it wasn't the most pleasurable of outings out there, being in that situation in Yankee Stadium with guys on base. But I stuck to my game plan. I just didn't want to give in at any time and I guess it worked.


Q. How did you feel about coming out at that time? It had to be pretty stressful, 97 pitches; were you surprised to come out and what was your reaction to come out?

PAUL ABBOTT: It was my first start in three weeks. I only had five innings in three weeks so I knew my pitch count was probably going to be limited anyways. I think I've thrown more pitches than that in five innings. 97, I didn't know how many I had thrown; I thought I threw about 140.

Q. What's the mood like in your clubhouse right now?

PAUL ABBOTT: We're down 3-1. It's not the best. We thought we had a win in our back pocket. You know, the World Champs came back and snatched it away from us. Now we're down 3-1, where it looked like we had a chance to be 2-2.

Q. First of all, great pitching performance. But going back now, as you said, trailing 3-1, what do you have to do to get back at all in the series?

PAUL ABBOTT: Well, I said yesterday, I think even if we would have lost today, we lost one road series all year. I liked our chances, whether we won today or lost today to still get back to Seattle. You know, in a game like that, when it looked like we had them right where we wanted them with our bullpen and with the lead in that situation, it's a tough loss, but we are still going to come back tomorrow and play like we have been playing all year. We are not accustomed to losing road series. I think we are going to come back confident tomorrow and pull out a win and take it back to Seattle.