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World Series 2001
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10/23/2001 04:51 AM ET
Giuliani says no term limits for champions
By Paul Smith
The Yankees have lifted the spirits of Mayor Giuliani.
NEW YORK -- Yes, he believes the Yankees will win the World Series and no, he doesn't believe in term limits for baseball teams.

"I've been right on with the other two series," said New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. "I picked this one (ALCS) in five games and the Oakland series in four, so I was off by one game. But I had the right team."

And his prediction for the World Series?

"It will be the Yankees in five again," Giuliani said. "Because I want them to win it at home."

Giuliani said the Yankees have been an inspiration for all of New York.

"The odds were against us and we overcame the odds. The pressure was on but the fact that this team came through is incredible. The sign of a winner is the more difficult the problem, the greater the response -- and I think that's true for the Yankees, too."

Giuliani said the Yankees have been a pleasant diversion from the results of Sept. 11.

"What they have done means a great deal, it already has," Giuliani said. "There's no question, this city needs a lift. I know their games have lifted my spirits. They are the only things that have. I've tried to read books and got to movies but this is the only thing that works.


"And now, I think everyone becomes a baseball fan during the World Series."

Giuliani said he knew early on that the Yankees, and Mets, would be a big part of the healing process.

"When they first started playing games again and I saw a sign at one of the parks in Chicago that said, 'We love New York' then I knew it was special," Giuliani said.

The mayor, who has been a Yankees fan since the early 1950s, said the atmosphere was quite special on Monday night.

"I've never heard a Yankee crowd this excited," Giuliani said. "The crowd in 1996 was pretty loud and very much into it. But I think this one (Monday) was the very best."

Paul C. Smith is a writer for