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World Series 2001
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10/23/2001 02:46 AM ET
No. 4 Trains: Game 5's best and worst
By Jim Banks

In honor of the host city, New York, and its citizens' favorite way to get to fabled Yankee Stadium, we award No. 4 trains to the standouts (and letdowns) of Game 5. Here goes:

One train: It's 2 a.m., 90 degrees on the platform, the train just left.
Two trains: You meant to hop on the express, but jumped on the local. And it's packed.
Three trains: It's a full house, but the express is clicking.
Four trains: Open seats, clean car, air conditioning.
Five trains: Can't believe I'm getting my own car at rush hour. Am I dreaming?


Yankee fans
Ticket to Game 5: $50. ... Four beers, two hot dogs and a 2001 AL Champs cap: $55. ... Chanting "No Game 6," "over-rated" and "Ich-i-ro, say-o-nara" at the top of your lungs: Priceless.

Rudolph Guiliani
Batting 1.000 in aftermath of Sept. 11 attacks, he knocks one out of the park again. Shines in FOX interview, takes field with Yankees and quickly retreats so as not to steal the spotlight. Perfect.

Andy Pettitte
The anti-Sele. Hammered twice by Mariners in regular season, shuts them down twice in the postseason. One is the ALCS goat after falling to 0-6, 0-5 vs. Yankees, in postseason. The other is the ALCS MVP, and deservedly so.

Tino and Paulie
Old Yankees never die, they just fade away. Scratch that, not these guys. The old guard, possibly in their final year with team, ensure trip to World Series with four hits, two home runs and four RBIs in Game 5.

Frank Sinatra
"New York, New York" never sounded so good.

Bernie Williams
Buddy Ryan once bemoaned of receiver Cris Carter, "All he does is score touchdowns." The same might be said of Bernie, who batted .235 in series but clubbed three homers. We'll take it.


Lou Piniella
Down 5-0 in must-win game, turns to Halama, Pineiro and Paniagua ... what, Bobby Ayala, Scott Bankhead and Mike Schooler were unavailable? If he goes to Nelson and Rhodes and they hold the line, the three runs in seventh make it 5-3.

Aaron Sele
Now pitching for your Tampa Bay Devil Rays, the winningest pitcher in the AL over the past four years ... Aaaaaaaron Sele!