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World Series 2001
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10/26/2001 11:34 PM ET
Behind the Scenes: Field logo painter
By Heather Reader
Left FieldIn the playoffs, the grass isnt always greener -- sometimes its red, white and blue. The Diamondbacks' own personal Bob Ross (sans the happy little trees) is their head groundskeeper Grant Trenbeath, who learned to drive by dragging infields with a John Deere tractor growing up. Just after holding court in a groundskeeper meeting and before painting his first World Series logo on the BOBs field, Trenbeath sat down to answer our five burning questions.

When you were a kid, did you have problems staying in the lines when you filled in your coloring books?

Never. I have always been very detailed orientated from the get-go.

Did your dad have to bribe you to mow the lawn when you were growing up?

No, hes partly to blame for me doing what Im doing now. He was a college baseball coach/groundskeeper -- because the coaches had to take care of their own baseball parks -- hed drag me out to tournaments and whatnot as soon as I could hold a rake.

Do you ever have nightmares about that Snickers commercial? You know the one Im talking about.

You mean the "Chefs" one? Not really. I think you have other nightmares with this job that are more irrigation related like a line blowing up or sticking out of the ground or blowing up and soaking the field, especially here in Phoenix. With the roof, you have nothing to blame it on. Thats probably my biggest reoccurring nightmare.

Are you ever tempted to sign your work?

Put my initials in there? HA. Nah. I think the position and the title says it all in that if there is something on the field that I was behind it in some sense or form.

What happens if you make a mistake on the grass. Do you mow it down and cover the bald spots with green spray paint like a man with a receding hairline?

If you make a mistake, especially when youre painting, you can usually catch it while its still wet and correct yourself. Once you paint it, that doesnt mean its permanent if you catch it early enough. You can also paint over your mistakes, so its actually a little more forgiving than you might expect.

Heather Reader is the covering the series for and like many of the highlights players are sporting nowadays, the field -- and Heather -- will need to be retouched if the Series returns to Arizona for Games 6 and 7.