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World Series 2001
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10/28/2001 05:24 PM ET
Six questions with Mark Grace
By Heather Reader
Left Field Matt Williams' dad Arthur called Mark Grace "hands down, the funniest guy in the clubhouse," and its easy to see why. The 36-year-old has a smile on his face that cannot be removed with a jackhammer ... and there's a reason. After toiling for 13 years with the Cubs, which earned him just two fruitless playoff berths, the first baseman signed with the D-Backs as a free agent last winter, helping to bring Arizona their first World Series in history. But before playing in his first World Series game, Grace answered a few of our complex questions.

You were one of the first to arrive at the park this morning. What time were you dressed?

Around 10:30, 10:45. I couldn't sit at home any longer. I would have done no earthly good there so I decided to come bother all of my teammates. But I wasn't the first one. Bobby Witt went to Oklahoma and Troy Brohawn and Brian Anderson are Nebraska freaks so they were here at kickoff, which was 9 a.m. Anderson likes to tape his shoes like a football player and run pass patterns. He's a happy guy today that Nebraska won.

Was an alarm clock necessary this morning?

My son. He got up at 6:45, so that pretty much means that I'm up at 6:45. But I didn't get all that much sleep last night.

Did you sleep in your uniform?

I slept in my by bed uniform, which is nothing.

You said that the moment that your team clinched the National League Championship Series was your happiest moment, but will that be surpassed when Curt Schilling throws the first pitch tonight?

The only thing that would ever take the place of that joy would be winning this Series. I've had a lot of great moments this year and one of the best was when we beat the Cardinals in the first round, because that was the first time I was on a team that won a postseason series. I didn't have a lot of opportunities before this year, so that was the best until we beat Atlanta and then that will be the best until we win the World Series.

There is this woman in purple behind the dugout that stood and clapped and yelled all of your names during batting practice, something you should be used to coming from Chicago.

She's Superfan. That's Suzy. She's been a lot of places. She was in St. Louis, she was in Atlanta, she's been a lot of places this year. She is the biggest Diamondbacks fan ever. She is at every workout and Spring Training game too.

Well you should be used to that, coming from the Cubs who have Ronnie Woo Woo. Did you know hes here?

Oh yeah, hes rooting me on.

Fess up. It was you that flew him out here.

No way. He's going to have to get his own tickets. He was in St. Louis too. I hear him "Woo, Grace, Woo, Grace, Woo" and it's great.

He's rooting you on, but he's still in his Cubs uniform. Couldn't you rustle up some of the purple, green and black for him?

He looks terrible too in that Cubs blue, too. But at least he's got some new choppers.

Heather Reader is a reporter for Her choppers are just fine.