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World Series 2001
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11/01/2001 12:48 AM ET
Behind the Scenes: Copy boys
By Chris Franchino
Special to
Left Field

Most fans have no idea who they are, but to the people up here in the press box, they're invaluable. Meet Dennis Halloran and Terry Small, the media relations assistants in the auxillary press box over in right field at Yankee Stadium. These two guys assist the overflow media by bringing them in-game box scores, press releases and any other media-related thing they can think of. It's not glamorous in the auxillary press box. It's cramped, there ain't no heating (low 50's tonight), they risk paper cuts and reporters can be a bit demanding. And they volunteered for this. In their real lives, Dennis is a senior at St. John's University and Terry is the assistant Athletic Director at Stevens Insitute of Technology in New Jersey. Let's hear what they have to say ...

I know you guys probably shouldn't say, but are you Yankee fans?
DH: Oh yeah. Die hard.
TS: Eh. Somewhat. This is my sixth consecutive postseason, though.

So, Dennis, as a Yankee fan, do you ever not hand out bad reports on the Yankees?
DH: No. I'll hand out the stuff. I have to. I won't like it but I have to do it.

Be honest, how annoying can we, the media, get?
DH: Sometimes. But the majority of you guys are pretty cool. We understand, you've got deadlines. It gets hard when it gets late. The older people don't like to stay late.
TS: You should probably talk to the guys in the main press box. They have all of the stories.

Nah, we want to keep it real. You guys are out here in the cold.
DH: Yeah, they have heating. But one guy can tell you about the eagle, Challenger. They give him an enema before he flies out on the field.

So, when the main (heated) press box calls and asks you to do something, do you ever say, "No?"
DH: No.

Wait. An enema? Why?
DH: I guess so he doesn't go on the field.

DH: You're not really going to print that, are you?

Um, yes.