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World Series 2001
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11/02/2001 01:58 AM ET
Behind the Scenes: T-shirt hander outer
By Chris Franchino
Special to
Ever wonder how the players are all wearing those championship T-shirts the minute they clinch in the World Series? Well, so did Left Field so we scoured the field and found the guys who hand them out. Andy Davis and Garry Bohne are the guys who brave spilling champagne and cigar burns to distribute locker room caps and T-shirts to all of the players.

When do the T-shirts show up?
Everything is already here. Of course, the D-Backs had stuff already here on Tuesday since they could have clinched. The Yankees stuff is in Arizona so we have everything ready to go.

You have both teams' T-shirts already printed? So one team will never use those shirts. What do you do with those?
They're sent to charity and honestly, sometimes, they are sent to Honduras.

So there are a bunch of kids in Honduras that'll be happy. Unless they don't like that team.

So how do you figure out who gets a T-shirt? Do you study photographs of the people that should get them?
Well, for the celebration in the locker room, the equipment managers line up in the tunnel and have the players take off their jerseys and hats and replace them with the official locker room T-shirt and cap as they walk by. Sometimes players are rushed off to talk to reporters and TV so we get them at least a cap.

Does anybody try to grab a T-shirt that shouldn't have one?
Oh sure.

Do you slap any hands?
Nah. We're supposed to hand out stuff to the players first. And then we can give away the rest. We sometimes don't know everybody. Some of the ownership groups have dozens of people in them so we don't know their faces. So we have to be nice because we don't know who we're talking to.

How much champagne do you have poured on you?
We try to stay in the corner and stay dry. Last year, when the Mets clinched in the NLCS, we got pretty wet.

What do you think of this year's T-shirt?
Honestly, I like the design. Everybody is a designer, but I like this year's. It's nice and clean.

Can we see it?
No. That would be taboo to show the shirt before somebody wins.

So, which T-shirt looks better, the Yanks version or the D-Backs version?
(Laughing) Both are good. We're baseball fans so we're just hoping for a good series. A seven-game series would be great. We really live a charmed life to be here when all of this happens.