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World Series 2001
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11/04/2001 01:23 AM ET
Behind the Scenes: Jumbotron cameraman
By Heather Reader
Left Field Todd Woolgar has seen a lot in his first year as one of three cameramen shooting game footage for Bank One Ballpark's JumboTron. Kicked out of his usual spot by the broadcast rightsholder, Woolgar was exposed to the all the elements - reporters, clumsy fans and guys offering $100 for him to put their girlfriends up on the big screen. But Woolgar, who bears a stiking resemblance to Silent Bob, was suave enough to answer our burning questions - while shooting the Arizona action.

What's the most outrageous thing you seen while shooting the crowd?
Guys groping girls. We try not to put it on but it happens every once in a while and we get burned.

Girls don't grope guys?
I haven't seen it yet.

Interesting. What do you look for to put up on the big screen?
Signs, people who are rooting for our team, and not the opposition. That's hard right now. We also try to find people who are just excited and into the game and this team. Sometimes in Arizona that can be a little hard, too.

Where is the best place to shoot?
Right down where we used to be, right down next to the dugout. We got booted.

What's the most creative sign that you've seen?
There was this one that said, "We are trying to break the world's record for the longest sign. How are we doing?" It was probably 200 feet long.

Who is your favorite player to shoot?
Craig Counsell. He's into the game and he seems like he's really nice to the fans. He's just got this enthusiasm for the game that he hasn't lost like some guys have.

Does Randy Johnson have a good side?
I know what you want me to say and I'm not going to say it.

A foul ball is headed right for you. Do you protect yourself or your camera?
One time they were interviewing Tony Gywnn during the game and a ball ripped over his head and hit the side of my camera. I just went flying trying to get out of the way.

Which is more common when shooting the dugout, seeing players pick their nose or yawn?
Yawning without a doubt. I try not to look at people picking their nose. That's gross.

Heather Reader is covering the World Series for She doesn't pick her nose on or off camera.