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World Series 2001
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11/07/2001 09:05 PM ET
D-Backs are truly America's Team
By Chris Franchino
Special to
Left Field PHOENIX -- New York City has had the monopoly on World Series celebrations the last three years, but this November, the rest of America has a chance to own a piece of the World Series Champion. Coming to you straight from the deserts of Arizona, the official Diamondbacks Locker Room Cap and T-shirt. That's right! Not just D-Back fans can be proud to sport their championship gear. Padre fans, Tiger fans and Expo fans can all join the victory parade!

Yes, even though this team calls Phoenix its home, the Diamondbacks are definitely America's Team. In fact, only four D-Backs appearing in the World Series have played in the purple and turquoise their entire careers. Not since the Florida Marlins has a team been assembled offering such a true representation from the league's elite. The A's, Dodgers and Angels are among the teams represented. Though these D-Backs are sure to stay together a lot longer, don't waste a minute and miss out on these truly universal collectibles.

Mariner fans, are you disappointed that your record-breaking team couldn't win the big one? Well, maybe you can take some solace in the Big Unit winning the big one. The mullet man went 3-0 in this year's final series and was a co-MVP. Come on, Junior and A-Rod, we know you guys want a T-shirt. Sorry, Houston, RJ was only there for roughly 12 seconds, but that doesn't mean you can't root for Luis Gonzalez. Gonzo played parts of seven seasons with the Astros ... and in 13 different uniforms!

Yessiree, the D-Backs have them all. Cubs and Red Sox fans can unite. No World Series rings in a combined 4,000 years, but that doesn't mean showing support for former Red Sox outfielder Midre Cummings and former Cubbie Mark Grace can't bring a smile to your tortured souls. And Red Sox fans, you can also get enjoyment from wearing your official D-Backs T-shirt in front of all of your favorite Yankee fans absolutely free!

Who can forget a veteran like Matt Williams who played 10 years for the San Francisco Giants without tasting World Championship champagne? Or Mike Morgan and Greg Swindell, who've been on more teams than FOX showed promos for "24." Fans who act now also receive the very same kind of shirt worn by Jay Bell, the D-Back second baseman who couldn't do it all those years in Pittsburgh.

From Philadelphia? No problem. Eight years ago, Curt Schilling sat on the bench in Toronto as his Phillies were shocked by Blue Jay Joe Carter's historic home run. We got 'em all. Hate history? Then Craig Counsell is your man, having played for the Rockies and Marlins before joining the Diamondbacks last season.

So don't just sit there. Local operators are standing by to take your order. First 1,000 callers from Cincinnati also receive the right to brag about former Reds outfielder Reggie Sanders! You don't want to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Call now!

Unfortunately, this deal is not open to Brewers and White Sox fans. Fans of the New York Yankees may purchase one and wear it with pride. Mike Morgan went 7-11 for the Bombers in 1982. But you may not destroy them or use them for napkins.

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